Ghost Squad

Operation: Black Jack

Primary Mission: Disrupt an international arms trade involving former asset Jack Valentine.
Secondary Mission(s): Retire Jack Valentine.
Mission Status: Successful
Personnel: Checkmate, Hayseed, Diablo, Sparks
Report Author: Checkmate

Details: Filling the void left by Yuri Orlov, Jack Valentine has expanded his arms dealing enterprise and G.H.O.S.T. Squad has actionable intel about a major arms deal in Istanbul. G.H.O.S.T. Squad is tasked with identifying all major players in the transaction, and subsequently interrupting or stopping the shipment. As a secondary objective, Jack Valentine has proved to be unreliable as an asset and must be retired.

Report: We arrived in Istanbul, and set up the safe house and made plans to apprehend Jack Valentine. Intel suggested he frequented a particular cafe almost daily, so we set up surveillance from an apartment across the street. Sparks hacked in the local traffic cameras and was able to identify Valentine at the cafe, and we moved in to apprehend. Valentine spotted us and fled, but we pursued and quickly caught and subdued him. Valentine admitted to facilitating an arms deal between him and Akbar Al’Amien Suswari for several Stinger missiles. The exchange was this evening at his compound, located on the outskirts of town. Under a ruse, we convinced him that we’d let him go, if his assistance led to the capture of Suswari. Sparks and I accompanied Valentine to his compound while Hayseed and Diablo went to the safe house and returned our gear.
     As expected, several vehicles entered the grounds, and its occupants proceeded inside. Instead of Suswari and his guards that we expected, Russian Spetnaz soldiers instead quickly killed Valentine for his double crossing and tried to leave the compound. We destroyed one of the vehicles, and pursued the second, eventually crashing it along the road, killing the passengers. A partially destroyed laptop was discovered and Sparks was able to extract some data from it, the name of a cargo ship, the Istanbul Voyager and the details of an nuclear device smuggled out of Kazakhstan that seemed to be the real reason of the arms deal. We made it to the harbor to secure the device, but the vessel had already left port. Seeing the escalation of the events go beyond the scope of our mission, we called JSOC for a sitrep and mission advisement.
      Reaper One, Nightstalkers out of Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo, were prepped to pick us up and deliver us to the cargo ship, where we would board, search and seize the ship, and deactivate the device, while Eagle One ran reconnaissance shortly before our arrival and identified several control points with high thermal identification. Under cover of darkness, we fast roped in and quickly took the pilot house, only to discover that the controls had been sabotaged, leaving us no means to alter the course of the ship. The crew of the ship, were found executed as we proceeded on. Moving across the deck, we eliminated several groups of Shahada loyalists and made it to the superstructure. There we met with much resistance from more Shahada loyalists and an unknown sniper and spotter on the roof of the structure. We called in close air support, Reaper One, who moved in and targeted several of the loyalists before the pilot was shot by the sniper, resulting in the destruction of Reaper One, and the deaths of the CW3 Ferro and Sgt Spunkmeyer.
     Entering the superstructure, we made it below deck and encountered several Speztnaz soldiers guarding the holds. Entry into the third hold was complicated as as squad of Spetznaz had entrenched themselves inside. Quick reactions from Diablo averted an ambush and allowed us the opportunity to gain entrance. Through the course of the battle, Hayseed took shrapnel to the eyes, but an IED from Diablo eliminated the remaining opposition. We found the nuclear device, and I assisted Diablo in disabling it and destroying its firing core. We exited the superstructure to rendezvous with Reaper 2 for extraction. Again, the sniper tried to eliminate the pilot, but Shiny Side’s awareness of his presence mitigated his ambush. Clearing the vessel, I authorized the scuttling Istanbul Voyager and Eagle One terminated the ship.

Considerations: Akbar Al’Amien Suswari was not present for the arms deal as Jack Valentine believed he would be and his whereabouts are unknown. Additionally, it is unclear as to the nature of the Spetnaz soldiers who were defending the cargo below decks on the Istanbul Voyager as they do not share the same fanatical beliefs as the Shahada loyalists. What was their reason for being aboard the vessel that was being sent to Tel Aviv to seemingly spark a religious war?

Recommendations: Based on the actions of Diablo during the course of the operation, I recommend he be recognized for his actions and be awarded the Silver Star. Additionally, Nightstalker operatives Colin Ferro and Daniel Spunkmeyer are recommend to be posthumously awarded the Bronze Star for their selfless actions. Finally, Hayseed should be awarded a Purple Heart for the injuries sustained in the operation.



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