Ghost Squad

Operation: Sandbox

Primary Mission: Extract the American ambassador and his family from the Amman Embassy.
Secondary Mission(s): Recover or destroy any sensitive data at the embassy.
Mission Status: Success
Personnel: Reaper, Hayseed, Twitch, Diablo, Shiny Side

Details: At 2140 hours, local time, Islamic militants blocked the surrounding streets leading to the American Embassy in Amman, Jordan with gun trucks bearing the logo of the known terrorist organization Al Shahada. Approximately 125 to 150 gunmen armed with automatic weapons, rpg’s, and body armor, have gathered and are threatening to overwhelm the American security forces. GH.O.S.T. Squad is tasked with infiltrating the compound and extracting the American Ambassador Grant Schaeffer, his family, and to recover or destroy any sensitive data at the embassy.

Report: G.H.O.S.T. Squad infiltrated the rooftop of the embassy via fast rope at 2300 hours under heavy small arms fire, causing Shiny Side to pull out of the area temporarily. We made are way down the embassy encountering sporadic enemy fire, but quickly eliminated the threats and arrived at the ambassador’s office to find a lone Marine, Lance Corporal Dawson holding the hallway against multiple insurgents. We joined the fight and Hayseed and Dawson laid down suppressive fire while the rest of the team secured the package.
     The militants outside made the LZ too hot for exfil, so I ordered Twitch and Diablo to scout a way out of the compound and I assisted the package with acquiring any mission critical data. Twitch and Diablo found an access tunnel that would lead underneath the compound and out into the streets of Amman. Complications ensued when Ambassador Schaeffer insisted that we extract not only him and his family, but his personal staff as well. I reluctantly agreed although I knew this would seriously slow down our transit.
     We made our way through the tunnel and into the city and found that although there was chaos and looting abound, our pathway was relatively clear, though we did have to snake our way through the city to avoid Al Shahada patrols. After a couple of hours we found a bank that we could hole up in and rest. We contacted Shiny Side and requested exfil via helicopter through the rooftop of the bank, but he stated it would be a couple of hours for him to refuel and return. We had Lance Corporal Dawson take the civilians to the rooftop while we prepared security measures in the lobby. We positioned Hayseed and his squad automatic weapon along with Diablo behind the main counter granting the greatest field of fire, Twitch was on the fourth floor providing sniper cover, and I would hold the stairway, protecting our escape route. For good measure, Diablo prepped the lobby with a couple of claymores.
     When the terrorists finally found us, they came at us in force. A firefight ensued and we held our own until they started firing the rpg’s into the bank. We had all taken wounds when Diablo was incapacitated by another rpg blast, but Hayseed stopped the bleeding, and carried him to the stairway. I provided covering fire for a couple of seconds more before blowing the claymores and retreating to the rooftop. The explosives delayed the insurgents just long enough for us to make it to the roof, load the civilians onto the Blackhawk and evacuate the hot zone.

Recommendations: Based on the actions of Hayseed during the firefight, I recommend that he be awarded the Bronze Star.



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