Ghost Squad

Operation: Domino

Primary Mission: Extract the package Elizabeth Chan and return her stateside unharmed.
Secondary Mission(s): Apprehend or retire priority target Omar Al’Aseem
Mission Status: Successful
Personnel: Checkmate, Boyscout, Hayseed, Twitch
Report Author: Checkmate

Details: Elizabeth Chan, daughter of Senator Tomas Chan, was one of a few Americans in a Doctors Without Borders camp that was abducted by Taliban insurgents, believed to be led by Omar Al’Aseem an influential lieutenant in the Al Shahada Terrorist Group. At this moment intelligence, indicates they are being held in the Afghan city of Benzheen. G.H.O.S.T. Squad is tasked with recovering the critical package, Chan, and if possible, capturing or retiring Al’Aseem.

Report: A beta-priority mission developed in Afghanistan, leaving the GHOSTS with a less-than satisfactory team in the field, leading to the temporary enlistment of Francis X MacCormack, a Sergeant from the 10th Mountain division and potential G.H.O.S.T. candidate. Quickly brought up to speed, Sgt MacCormack, assigned to callsign: Hayseed accompanied Boyscout, Twitch and myself via little bird to the the outskirts of Benzheen, where we made it into the city and rendezvoused with Ibrahim Adeib, a local asset who had been keeping tabs on Omar’s movements in the area.
     Ibrahim informed us that Al’Aseem was suspected to be at a nearby apartment complex, on the third floor on the west face. Twitch set up a spotter position on the rooftop of a warehouse opposite , and while able to see silhouetted movement in the area, was unable to clearly identify the Chan or Al’Aseem. Several guards on in the courtyard and parking lot, confirmed out suspicions that Al’Aseem was at the complex. We dispatched the guards on the ground floor and made our way to the apartment under cover by Twitch and assaulted the room via multiple-angle breach entry – Hayseed and myself took point at the door, Boyscout inserted through the external window, having rappelled down from the rooftop under overwatch cover by Twitch.
     Having secured the room, we identified both targets along with two other doctors that had been apprehended along with Chan, and exfiled to the roof for extraction via helo. Boyscout complicated matters when he refused to extract without the remaining doctors, so they were loaded onto the little bird along with the package and secondary target, leaving us to exit by foot, meeting up with Twitch, to make for the secondary rendezvous site. Upon exiting the complex, we were engaged by several insurgents on foot and Technicals armed with Browning 50 caliber machine guns. We did not have the firepower to engage them, so Boyscout and Hayseed laid down covering fire while Twitch and I located and readied suitable transportation. The insurgents pursued after us, but their pursuit was complicated once they ran into civilian traffic, allowing us opportunity to get away. Having sustained injuries we took to a local safe house and made exit under the cover of darkness to the secondary rendezvous, several miles out of Benzeheen later that day
     Arriving back at the FOB, we quickly interrogated Al’Aseem, and convinced him to provide information on the Shahada’s operations in the region. He informed us that the were deploying an iridium-192 laced dirty bomb in the nearby city of Kabul targeting the United States Vice President, who was on a visit to assess progress and reinforce the U.S. commitment to Afghanistan.. We made for Kabul once the location of the nuke was revealed by Al’Aseem. We resupplied and inserted via little bird and fast roped down to a mosque in the middle of the city. With only minutes before the bomb detonated and several dozen insurgents converging upon our position, we set up a defensive perimeter while Boyscout disarmed the explosive device. Once the iridium was rendered inert, we exited through a weak point in the mosque’s exterior wall.

Recommendations: In this operation, the GHOST squad operatives performed remarkably. They were critical in disarming a nuclear device that would have resulted in the deaths of potentially thousands of innocent people, but additionally damaged the Shahada’s influence in the region by capturing Omar Al’Aseem, a influential lieutenant whom stands as a valuable asset for their operations in the area. Notably, Hayseed’s performance in the mission has convinced me that he would be a valuable operator in the G.H.O.S.T. Squad. It has been recommended that he be activated to permanent operational status, beginning immediately. Additionally, Boyscout’s empathy for the safety of the doctors taking precedent over the mission priorities is cause for concern. His actions created unnecessary complications to the mission, and put the entire team at risk. A full psychological reassessment is recommended.



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