Ghost Squad

Operation: Fallen Star

Jungle Mission

Primary Mission: Retrieve the fallen spy satellite North Star from the Amazon jungles before it falls into the hands of notorious F.A.R.C. Leader Domingo Hernandez.
Secondary Mission(s): Eliminate target of opportunity Domingo Hernandez.
Mission Status: Successful
Personnel: Checkmate, Boyscout, Twitch, Hayseed, Diablo, Sparks
Report Author: Checkmate

Details: A top secret reconnaissance satellite had a critical failure in orbit nearly 2 hours ago and has crashed into the Amazon Jungle. The satellite contains potentially damaging information to the United States and it operatives and allies around the globe. To complicate matters, the territory in which the satellite crashed is controlled by a cell of The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and led by Domingo Hernandez known as Don Caliente. Caliente is a known weapons and drug trafficker and is considered a target of opportunity. G.H.O.S.T. Squad will HALO into the LZ, locate and recover the satellite’s data recorder and if possible retire Domingo Hernandez.

Report: We HALO jumped out of the C-130 in the evening as planned, with only Boyscout sustaining minor injuries during the insertion. We were unable to reach command, as an ECM broadcast jammer was blocking communication in the area, so we humped through the jungle towards the last know location of the satellite throughout the day and into the next evening. As the day went on, I felt I was unprepared physically and mentally for the excursion, and became concerned that may ability to lead may become impaired. It would appear that my time out of active field duty may have played a factor in this.
     On the next day, at 1130 hours, we reached the crash site. The intel was correct, we could see the downed satellite in a nearby valley. Local guerrillas were already on site, being converged around the satellite. Twitch & Sparks set up sniper cover on the hillside, while Boyscout, Diablo flanked the valley opposite Hayseed and myself. We quickly eliminated the opposition, but were surprised by a second patrol that had come up behind the sniper team. Having dispatched them, we reconed the area, discovering that the data recorder had already been removed, and found the distinct trail of a half-track leaving the area. We followed the half-track to a road which connected to Pueblo Necesito, a small village 6 klicks to the north.
     From the outskirts of the village, we discovered a large concrete bunker atop a hill. Based on the communication dishes on the bunker, Sparks suspected that the ECM jamming was from this location. We set to assault the bunker in three-man teams, breaching both doors simultaneously. Unfortunately, roving guards spotted a team and initiated combat prematurely. After small-arms fire, and applied use of explosives, we eliminated the guerrillas and disabled the jammer. Patching through to command, they provided us the location of a nearby villa owned by Domingo Hernandez. If the half-track stayed on course, it would rendezvous at the villa.
     We arrived at nightfall at the villa, and identified many guards, but could not identify Hernandez or confirm the arrival of the half-track. We infiltrated the compound and silently eliminated several guards en route to Hernandez’s private quarters. Hernandez was not in his quarters, but his personal guards managed to return fire on us, altering the compound to our presence. In the following altercation, Hernandez was eliminated, as was his wife Esmeralda, and most of the guard contingent. Searching his quarters, we secured the data recorder. Our departure of the villa was hindered by the arrival of the half-track, complete with a mounted 50-caliber turret, and several more guerrillas in the courtyard. Under heavy enemy fire, the squad eliminated the remaining guards sustaining many injuries, and appropriated the half-track for our exfil.
     Listening to their communication on the radio, we learned of a larger force in pursuit of us. We proceed through the evening, to make to LZ Alpha on time. We managed to stay ahead of the opposing force, by disabling a bridge and using out remaining explosives to hamper their pursuit. We made it to the extraction point on time, and exited via SH-60 Seahawk to return to the FOB.



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