Ghost Squad

Operation: Firefly

Primary Mission: Protect asset Sun Yun Ming until his UN hearing in two weeks.
Secondary Mission(s): None
Mission Status: Failure
Personnel: Checkmate, Shiny Side, Boyscout & Twitch
Report Author: Checkmate

Details: Intelligence gained from Operation: Interception led to the apprehension of Sun Yun Ming, a Chinese citizen who created the program that could potentially attack US government and defense networks. We are tasked to ensure his protection until his hearing at the United Nations in two weeks. After such time, he was to give evidence incriminating the Chinese government’s willing involvement in potential terror attacks against the US. Sun’s survival is imperative.

Report: Under the guise of the Secret Service, Operators Boyscout, Shiny Side, Twitch and I went to an undisclosed secure facility to relieve the CIA from their protection detail on Sun Yun Ming. My former handler, CIA agent Peter Dawson was on hand, representing the CIA. Once we we assumed operational control, he departed. We had agreed that we were not going to follow the CIA’s time table. Instead of waiting here for the next ten days, and then escorting the asset to New York to another safe house, we would instead only stay here 5 days, then transport Sun via alternate routes and end up and a different safe house, one not known to anyone through any official channels. Ideally, if the CIA’s involvement was somehow compromised, our mission plans would not be known.
     Four days in, Shiny Side and I were alerted by the facilities alarm, I sent Shiny to protect the asset, while I moved to the control room. When I arrived, Twitch was engaged in combat with a black garbed assassin. I assisted, in the ensuing battle, the assassin overpowered both myself and Shiny. I was rendered unconscious in the battle, only to be awoken by Shiny. He had eliminated the threat as he moved to the asset. Unfortunately, Boyscout has been killed in an earlier ambush by the assassin. Being a man down, we moved the asset from the now insecure site. It was a risk, both Twitch and myself had sustained significant injuries, but I felt that that this facility was no longer safe. Besides us, the only other group aware of it, was the CIA. I called Caitlin MacBride, who was once an assistant to Peter Dawson. I asked her to find out where agent Dawson worked after the termination of The Misfits Program. She said she’d find out and get back to me.
     En route to New York, Shiny Side noticed two SUV’s following us for the last 10 minutes. We tried to lose them, but the passengers (assumably Russian) of the SUVs instead fired at us with AK-74 assault rifles. Unable to lose them, and with the threat of these men now attacking us in public, we had no choice but to return fire. Shiny Side maintained control of the vehicle while Twitch and I engaged them. Shiny Side managed to eliminate both drivers, causing one to crash and the other one to spin out of control. That opportunity allowed us to take an exit in Baltimore and hide our vehicle. I tried to contact the local authorities to requisition another vehicle, but I lacked the proper authentication codes that the Secret Service had. Instead we opted to appropriate an unused vehicle from a parking garage and continue on mission.
     We secured the new safe house and decided to lie low until we were to deliver the asset to the UN. Several days later, Caitlin called back and said that Agent Dawson had spent several years stationed in both China and Chechnya. The assassin at the facility was Chinese, and the men in the SUVs seemed Russian, both places Dawson had been stationed at previously. My experiences of agent Dawson based on Operation: Misfits shows his willingness to work outside conventional means and employ the use of criminals in order to achieve his goal. All of this was speculation, and we had a mission. If Dawson was guilty, we would take him down for Boyscout, but not until the asset had been delivered. That was enough of a threat itself. Being that they missed Sun twice now, we felt for certain, that they’d have to make one more attempt, that as the UN itself. There were ample positions for snipers to have clear shots as we took him to the UN. While trying to work out how we’d be able to securely get him inside, Caitlin called me back. She said that she discovered her line was bugged, and that our location could be compromised. We immediately moved the asset to the transportation, but was blocked in the garage by a Crown Victoria that pulled in behind us. With hand outstretched surrender, Peter Dawson emerged and claimed that he was set up as the the fall guy in the attacks against Sun. We moved inside to hear agent Dawson out. Agent Dawson claimed that he was being set up and that the clues I found were to obvious to be plausible. He has been my handler for several years in the CIA, and has been loyal to the me and the US, so I trusted him. That turned out to be a mistake, he took advantage of my trust in him and turned on me, firing point blank. Due to the armor, the shots were not fatal, but rendered me incapacitated. I could hear Twitch and Shiny Side on the comm asking for an update, but I was unable to respond. Then agent Dawson and fired on Sun, before getting up and moving through the kitchen door and into the garage.
     Immediately upon exiting the house, I heard the reports of automatic fire from a sub-machine gun, as Shiny Side reported that he was engaging agent Dawson and had him pinned in the garage. Twitch entered the kitchen, made sure I was alive, and confirmed that Sunwas killed. He then saw Dawson fleeing toward the Crown Victoria after wounding Shiny Side. He opened fire from the kitchen window, dropping Dawson. I was helped up and moved to where Dawson lie. He was terminally wounded, but coherent enough to look at me and tell me that he had to make his play. Under operational authority, I executed Peter Dawson and we left the scene.
     I reported that our mission was a failure and that we were returning back to base. I updated what has happened concerning Sunand Dawson. Once out of the infirmary, we met up with Colonel McKnight and he told us the true nature of the operation. It turns out that they were suspect of Dawson, due to intelligence gained from [[Operation: Interception | Operation: Interception]], and that our operation would ideally force the mole to expose himself. Even though we failed at protecting the asset, the exposure and elimination of the mole meant that [[Operation: Turncoat | Operation: Turncoat]] was successful.



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