Ghost Squad

Operation: Interception

Primary Mission: Eliminate arms dealer, Yuri Orlov and retrieve sensitive data before it is sold to Iran.
Secondary Mission(s): None
Mission Status: Successful
Personnel: Checkmate, Boyscout & Twitch
Report Author: Checkmate

Details: Intelligence suggests that Yuri Orlov, a Russian arms dealer is in possession of sensitive data that could be used for a cyber-attack against US government computer systems. Plans are to sell data to Akbar Al’Amein Suswari, a former officer in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, six days hence in Schwerin, Germany. Elimination of Yuri and retrieval of data essential for mission success.

Report: Expecting heavy security for both Yuri and Akbar, I contacted Olaf Kreuger, an informant I knew from the experience in the CIA. He reluctantly said he’d be able to procure a cache of firearms, explosives and body armor for any assault we would need to make. While posing as executives for Prosian Automotive Technologies we entered Schwerin. Being a manufacturing city, we were able to move about the city uncontested under our guise. We investigated the suspected location of the exchange, a munitions factory unused since the end of WWII. There were over a dozen warehouse as well as the factory itself, so we were unable to determine where exactly the exchange was to take place. Additionally, we were unable to get information from the airport to help us determine when interested parties may arrive. Twitch was sent to recon the warehouses to see if either party showed up early, while Boyscout and I took to the local scene, to see if we could discover if Yuri or Akbar were yet in town. While our attempt was unsuccessful, Twitch witnessed 4 BMW’s enter the grounds and case the area. He was unable to follow them once they left the yard.
     Seeing no alternative, we called Jack Valentine, the right-hand man to Yuri. Jack has recently flipped to our side and had been integral in the information that had already put us here. He confirmed that the meeting was to be a 18:00 in the 7th warehouse. We relayed to him that were were intervening the meeting, and that it would be helpful for his survival if he passed the blame of our ambush on the Iranians. He reluctantly agreed to cooperate but he had to terminate the call before he was caught. With that intel, we prepped the first floor for an ambush. We planted much explosives hoping to catch the parties unaware. Twitch was tasked to eliminate Yuri as his priority, while Boyscout and I eliminated their guards in the killzone.
     At 18:00 both parties arrived and moved into the ambush site. The Russian squad protecting Yuri acted as ones with extensive training, likely Spetsnaz based on their combat BDUs. The Iranians wore sanitized uniforms, but looked like the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, as we suspected. Boyscout was spotted by Yuri, but not before the explosives were detonated. Yuri was dropped by Twitch, while Boyscout and I attacked the guards. Many of their soldiers were killed in the initial confusion. Jack played his role by blaming the ambush on the Iranians. Several of the Russians then opened fire at the remaining Iranians. Both Jack and Akbar took advantage of the chaos and escaped as the remaining soldiers began to fire upon us. I was wounded in the ensuing firefight, but not incapacitated. Within 30 seconds both target teams were down. Confirmation of Yuri’s death was accomplished as well as retrieval of the data. We called in a CaseEvac and was picked up at the backup extraction site.

Recommendations: Boyscout’s initiative successfully directed Twitch and his support fire to allow me to recover when I was wounded. His tactical action not only eliminated several of the Spetsnaz soldiers, but potentially saved the life of his commanding officer. Therefore, I recommend he be promoted to Sergeant First Class immediately.



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