Caitlin MacBride

C.I.A. Analyst


Real Name: MacBride, Caitlin E.
Affiliation: CIA
Status: Assistant to the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

Date of Birth: 07/05/1980
Place of Birth: Canton, OH

     Caitlin started her less-than-glorious career in the CIA in the data entry division. By noticing an well-hidden inconsistency in the data she was entering, she had inadvertently uncovered a mole within the CIA’s Special Activities Division. She was immediately promoted into the ranks of the Special Operations Group’s data analysis unit, eventually working directly under Deputy Director Peter Dawson.
     She assisted Peter during Operation: Misfits from it’s concept to execution until it’s termination. During this time, she became acquainted with Trent Ambrose, while he was the point man of the operation. His personal involvement in dealing with her ex-fiancĂ© who was harassing her, brought to light, some mutual feelings of each other that they both agreed to suppress for the sake of the operation. After the termination of Operation: Misfits, and consequent reassignments of affected personnel, she lost all contact with Trent.
     Three years later, she heard from him again. When they met, she quickly realized that he had changed. He was colder and more distant than before. Wherever he went and whatever he did after Operation: Misfits had changed him. It was evident that he was still an active agent, that much she was sure of. She knows that his work is dangerous, and she wants to help him where she can. Well aware that the limited intelligence that agents in the field are provided, and the devastating consequence of keeping that data from them can be, she has offered to provide confidential information to Trent that she is able to access through her position in the CIA. She hopes that this information helps keep him alive and brings him home safe.
     Caitlin is intelligent and incredibly perceptive. Her eye for inconsistencies has proven to be a valuable asset to the CIA.

Caitlin MacBride

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