GHOST Captain


Name: Trent Grant Ambrose
SN: 316-02-2310
Codename: Checkmate
Primary Military Specialty: 18A Special Forces Officer
Secondary Military Specialty: 35A Intelligence Officer
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Rank: Captain O3
     Of an average height and build, with a forgettable face, Checkmate is perfect for undercover and black-ops work. He has no discernable scars and can blend seamlessly into just about any situation.


Born: May 1st 1973, Chicago, IL

Father: Francis G. Ambrose
Born: July 13th 1941, Chicago, IL
A life long native of the Chicagoland area, Francis graduated at the top of his class from Northwestern. He was Chief of Staff at Cook County Hospital until his tragic death in a car accident in 1994.
Mother: Cheryl L. Ambrose (Robertson)
Born: November 6th 1942, Chicago, IL
Died in childbirth, May 1st, 1973

     Trent grew up in the city of Chicago. His father was a prominent doctor working long hours and his mother died in childbirth. Raised by Stella Johnassen (See file XLD22.141A-3), his nanny, Trent kept to himself. Was an excellent athlete, notably in martial arts (he had a black belt in aikido at 17, and was invited to a national tourney, but declined), and often joined extra-curricular activities. Was easy to like and tended to lead in most situations.

Graduated Mt. Caramel High, June 1992
May ’01 Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Intelligence, National Intelligence University, Washington D.C.

     Trent likes the physical sports like martial arts, running, swimming, and outdoor activities. Trent holds black belts in jujitsu, aikido, and kung fu.


     Trent joined the Army (Jun ’93), after working several menial low-end jobs upon graduation of high school. He graduated OSUT at the top of his class out of Fort Benning (Sep ’93). He was assigned to the 1st Armored Division, 2nd Brigade, 2nd Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment, Erlangen, Germany. Deployed to Boznia-Herzegovina as part of Operation Joint Endeavour: Task Force Eagle (Dec ’95). Lightly wounded by sniper fire in Boznia-Herzegovina, ending deployment. Attended Ranger School, Fort Benning GA (Sep ’96). Assigned to teach US Amry Combatives, Fort Benning GA (Feb ’97). Re-enlisted (Sep ’97), and attended the United States Army Intelligence Center, Fort Huachuca AZ. While there, he was recruited by Agent Dawson of the Central Intelligence Agency. Assigned as Special Liason to the CIA Special Activities Division, Counter Terrorist Center (Jul ’01). Received Honorable Discharge US Army. Re-enlisted (Feb ’11) and awarded direct commission to 2nd LT. as an intelligence officer.

Special Training
Sep ’93 Graduated Infantry OSUT, Fort Benning GA
Nov ’96 Graduated Ranger School, Fort Benning GA
Sep ’97 Attended United States Army Intelligence Center, Fort Huachuca AZ

Sep ’93 Awarded Expert Infantryman Badge
Sep ’93 Awarded Army Service Medal
Mar ’96 Received Purple Heart
Mar ’96 Received Army Overseas Service Medal
Mar ’96 Awarded Nato Medal
Sep ’96 Awarded Army Good Conduct Medal
Nov ’96 Awarded Ranger Tab
Jan ’97 Awarded Non-Commisioned Officer Professional Development Ribbon
Sep ’97 Awarded Army Achievement Medal
Sep ’99 Awarded Army Good Conduct Medal

Civilian Life
     Received Honorable Discharge US Army and Joined the Central Intelligence Agency, Special Activities Division (Sep ’01), participating in top secret covert-ops missions (see file(s) DMH241.12-A3 & PBL222.15-L). Left the C.I.A. (Sep ’07) and was hired by the Hoffman Institute as a research analyst. Resigned from the Hoffman Institute (Sep ’10)

     Trent is a leader by nature, making him perfect for his covert-ops missions. Although he is not notably patriotic, he has proven his loyalty and discretion in his operations.
     Although he appears not to be motivated by the “good of the nation”, he does follow orders without questions. He is confident and improvisational, proving many times to be able to think on his feet.


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