Komlan Kionga

President of the Republic of Kenya


     Komlan Kionga stands 6’4" tall. By all accounts he is a physically imposing man, and many sources refer to his professional boxing career. He was national heavyweight champion of Kenya for nine years, from 1951-1960, while he was a young soldier, and long before the coup in which he took control of his country.


     The Republic of Kenya has been ruled by a charismatic and aggressive military dictator for over two decades. When General Komlan Kionga seized power from the British-supported regime that had controlled his country since the 1950s, he promptly initiated a series of programs intended to bring the Republic of Kenya into prominence in the region, using income from the country’s vast natural resources. He’s successfully expanded the Kenya’s influence throughout Africa’s east-central region and diverted millions of dollars to revolutionary groups across the continent. Western intelligence agencies suspect him of supporting at least two different factions in the ongoing civil war in Somalia.

Komlan Kionga

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