Ntare Manlan


     Manlan is a remarkably fit 50-year old. His face is deeply lined with a couple of days’ beard growth, and his closely trimmed scalp hair is iron gray. He’s always dressed in military-style fatigues with no insignia except for the CAPA emblem. Manlan’s studies of military theory and sciences have led him to develop a professional, if distant, manner when dealing with others.


     Manlan leads the insurgent group operating near the facility. He’s fiercely committed to removing Kionga from power and installing a democratic government in the region. Manlan has no political designs of his own, however, believing that he would be utterly incapable of leading the nation.
     Manlan was a child soldier in the interminable wars raging throughout sub-Saharan Africa. He fought his way into leadership of a large group of soldiers and eventually convinced them to mutiny against the guerrilla army that recruited them. Manlan led his band back to Kenyan territory, where they sparked the current insurgency against Kionga’s government. He’s a skilled combatant and tactical leader, considered highly charismatic, and has a great deal of popular support among the residents of the south Republic.

Ntare Manlan

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