• Checkmate

    *Born:* May 1st 1973, Chicago, IL *Lineage*
    *Father:* Francis G. Ambrose *Born:* July 13th 1941, Chicago, IL A life long native of the Chicagoland area, Francis graduated at the top of his class from Northwestern. He was Chief of Staff at Cook …

  • Hayseed

    *Born:* March 16th, 1976, Tulsa, OK *Lineage* *Father:* *Born:* Notes *Mother:* *Born:* Notes *Education* Graduated Jenks High School, June 1996 *Hobbies* List hobbies *Summary*      Raised in Tulsa, …

  • Shiny Side

    Mueller was accepted into and graduated from the U.S. Army Warrant Officer program in 1997 at Fort Rucker, Ala. In 1998, he attended the Aviation Warrant Officer Basic Course and Initial Entry Rotary Wing training. After completing his CH-47D aircraft …

  • Sparks

    *Name:* Michael Turner *SN:* *Codename:* Sparks *History* *Born:* *School:* *Lineage* *Father:* *Born:* *Mother:* *Born:* Childhood.
    Graduated Mt.
    h3. Military

  • Diablo

    *Born:* January 25th, 1980, Miami, FL *Lineage* *Father:* *Born:* Notes *Mother:* *Born:* Notes *Education* *Hobbies* *Summary* h3. *Military*      A native of Miami, Fl., Cabrera enlisted in the Army …

  • Twitch

         After graduating from high school, Summers enlisted in the U.S. Army in October 1997. He completed One Station Unit Training at Fort Benning, Ga., as an infantryman. After graduating from the Basic Airborne Course there, he …

  • Reaper

    *Born:* August 17th 1979, Las Vegas, NV
    *School:* Arbor View, High School
    *Father:* Ronald J. McCade
    *Born:* September 30th 1951, Reno, IL
    *Mother:* Stacy M. McCade (Mullen)
    *Born:* January 15th 1952, …

  • Colonel Ryan McKnight

         Ryan McKnight is a long-time unit operator, serving as a detachment commander within the 5th Special Forces Group before climbing the ranks and assuming the role of the commander of G.H.O.S.T. Squad.      …

  • Roughshod

    Born: 1989 *Lineage*
    Father: Ryan P. McNeil Born: 1959 Died 2006 A large and burly Irish immigrant. Worked at various factory jobs until his early demise in 2006 from a slip and fall on the steps of his home. Mother: Patricia A. Van Able …

  • Angel

    Born: April 1st, 1984, in Springfield, Illinois. *Lineage*
    Father: Born: Mother: Born: *Childhood*



    h3. *Military*
    _Early Service_
    He began his military …

  • Rupture

    Born: 1986 *Lineage*
    Father: Born: Mother: Born: *Childhood*



    h3. *Military*
    _Early Service_
    Russo enlisted in the New Hampshire National Guard in 2008 as a …

  • Shepherd

    Born: May 1st, 1984 in *Lineage*
    Father: Born: Mother: Born: *Childhood*



    h3. *Military*
    _Early Service_
    Ramirez enlisted in the Army in March, 2006. Upon …