Misfits Program

The Misfits Program was an experimental unit designed to create a mission-ready team using unconventional field operators, who’s unique skill sets could prove beneficial in operations that are outside of the standard official military jurisdictions. This program was primarily headed by CIA Deputy Director Peter Dawson, who hand picked the team under the field control of his asset Trent Ambrose, a US army soldier turned CIA agent. The rest of the team was staffed with both military and non-military personnel.

Beginning October 2007, the program proved to be successful in the accomplishments of their missions. However, many of the non-military operators actions within the missions were consistently unacceptable. The program was abruptly cancelled in November 2008, with the military assets re-allocated and the non-military assets liquidated.

While the Misfits Program proved to be unsuccessful due to the non-military personnel used, it identified a need for a small and versatile strike team, which laid the ground work for the GHOST squad, which started in May, 2011.

Former Assets

Misfits Program

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