Resource Management

     An Operator begins with 15 Resource Points plus 1 point for each advance, so a Seasoned Operator would have anywhere from 19 to 22 Resource Points; Resource Points are replenished at the beginning of each new mission (not necessarily each game session). Edges may modify this accordingly. These points represent all the resources the character can muster, and can be used to obtain gear, transportation or other favors. Characters can spend these points before the mission starts or in the field as the mission parameters dictate.
     Mission Briefing
During the mission briefing Operators are allowed to requisition equipment using their available Resources. These items are delivered either to their safe house or an alternative location in a major metropolitan area within 24 hours. An Operator does not need to use all of his Resources. He may wish to save some Points for field requisitions.
     Field Requisitions
Operators may request items during a mission by getting in touch with a contact and making either a Persuasion or a Tradecraft roll.
Perks are special favors that are granted to the operator through the use of a contact.


G.H.O.S.T. Squad Operators are better equipped than any other fighting force on earth. Getting the latest and most advanced gear into their hands is an ongoing priority.
The Game Master may give special items to the entire team or specific Operators at their discretion. This is dictated by the mission needs.

Resource Points as Rewards

     Operators can regain Resource Points for successfully completing objectives and gaining intel during a mission. The Game Master will rate the teams performance for a given scene and then reward each player with points based on the following chart.

Team Performance Reward
Barely managing to achieve a mission objective 0
Completing an objective with good planning and few hitches 1
Smooth run where everything went more or less as planned 2
Flawless performance in which the team suffers no setbacks or casualties 3

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Resource Management

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