Ghost Squad

Operation: Black Tide

Details: A group of heavily armed men have stormed Oilix VI, a semi-submersible oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. The terrorists are part of the Calavera Blanca, one of most aggressive drug cartels in Mexico. Two groups of terrorists have infiltrated the platform, one by using a Long-Range Interceptor (LRI) disguised as a US Guard Coast boat and the other using a Bell Huey II equipped with 2 M134 Miniguns. They have killed at least 50 workers and took the rest of them hostages. In a joint operation, the C.I.A. and the U.S. Army captured their boss, Jose Valdez, two weeks ago, and now his youngest son, Hector Valdez demands that the US government release his father, or he will execute all the hostages.

Primary Mission: Infiltrate the platform without being seen, secure the hostages and eliminate the terrorists.
Secondary Mission(s): Protect the structural integrity of Oilix VI.
Mission Status: Successful
Personnel: Roughshod, Angel, Rupture, Shepherd
Report Author: Roughshod

Report: Operation Black Tide completed successfully. All operatives returned uninjured. 100% of hostages recovered alive, One injury, treated on-site. 100% of enemy combatants eliminated including Target Alpha: Hector Valdez. Secondary objective: Protect structural integrity of Oilixx VI: Successful. Use of non-lethal deterent devices in the presence of civilians, no injuries identified. Explosives throughout facility triggered but interrupted prior to detonation.

Careful planning, skillful execution, and steadfast determination in the face of seven to one numerical inferiority won through. Facility was infiltrated under cover of night. Enemy egress vehicle LRI cleared of opposition and rigged for detonation. Lower platform engineering areas entered, Numerous hostiles eliminated. Eight hostages recovered. Upper platform, two snipers eliminated, enemy combat/egress vehicle Bell Huey II eliminated. Superstructure Mess hall breached, combatants eliminated, ten hostages rescued. Superstructure Command Center breached, combatants eliminated, ten hostages rescued. Due to triggered explosive devices, all hostages moved to lifeboats and LRI to be removed from proximity of explosive detonation. Explosive detonator device overridden, detonation halted.

All operatives performed flawlessly with zero administrative action required. Highest commendations to all operatives for procedural and combat readiness during all stages of the operation.

Considerations: Due to the tendency of civilians to exaggerate discomfort, potential blow back exists due to proximity of non-lethal deterent devices as well as operation security hostage restraints left in place to prevent wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing attack.

Recommendations: All operatives performed well under extreme fire conditions while being outnumbered in excess of seven to one. All enemy combatants eliminated, no friendly casualties. Recommend Bronze Star for Sergeant Russo for remaining on station disarming explosive devices well after point of no return for escape.

Operation: Earthbound

Details: The Republic of East Africa is on the verge of launching its first homegrown rocket booster, called Tangan One, which can place a commercial, scientific, or military satellite in Earth orbit. The Republic insists it has only peaceful intentions for the program, but the nation’s history of internal unrest and support of revolutionary and terrorist organizations throughout sub-Saharan Africa gives intelligence agencies around the world reason to question the assertion. The large numbers of multi-national troops currently deployed throughout the Middle East lie well within the range of a ballistic missile matching the projected payload capacity of the REA’s booster.

Primary Mission: Recon the launch facility and determine how best to destroy the REA’s booster or damage the rocket and launch facility sufficiently to delay the test launch, preferably for at least several months. Avoid alerting the local REA forces to the team’s presence.
Secondary Mission(s):
Mission Status: Successful
Personnel: Roughshod, Angel, Rupture, Shepherd
Report Author: Roughshod

Report: Operation Earthbound completed successfully. All operatives returned uninjured. Target eliminated completely as well as associated support structures. Probability of identification of agents and proof of involvement in the event: Low to Moderate.

Through carefully placed explosives and well planned timing of detonation, the rocket was destroyed during launch with the probable conclusion that a launch failure occurred rendering the rocket as well as the fuel depot and launch tower entirely destroyed. Secondary damage from the exploding fuel depot extensively damaged the remaining structures at the site.

All operatives performed flawlessly with zero administrative action required. Highest commendations to all operatives for procedural and combat readiness during all stages of the operation.

Considerations: Probability of Identification of agents and proof of involvement exists due to extensive camera and video surveillance of the facility. All efforts were made to decrease operative foot prints in surveillance area but being entirely unseen was impossible. Countermeasures were initiated to damage the ability of the recording equipment to store and/or broadcast this information.

Recommendations: All operatives performed under extreme fire conditions while being outnumbered in excess of three to one. All enemy combatants captured or eliminated, no friendly injury or casualties. Recommend Bronze Star for Sergeants Tooms, Russo, and Ramirez for combat gallantry during firefight in extremely outnumbered engagement. Army Soldier’s Medal for Sergeants Tooms, Russo, and Ramirez for strategic planning and operations in non-combat activities during execution of the mission. Expert Field Medical Badge for Sergeant Ramirez for aid performed to injured non combatants three times during the mission.

Operation: Black Jack

Primary Mission: Disrupt an international arms trade involving former asset Jack Valentine.
Secondary Mission(s): Retire Jack Valentine.
Mission Status: Successful
Personnel: Checkmate, Hayseed, Diablo, Sparks
Report Author: Checkmate

Details: Filling the void left by Yuri Orlov, Jack Valentine has expanded his arms dealing enterprise and G.H.O.S.T. Squad has actionable intel about a major arms deal in Istanbul. G.H.O.S.T. Squad is tasked with identifying all major players in the transaction, and subsequently interrupting or stopping the shipment. As a secondary objective, Jack Valentine has proved to be unreliable as an asset and must be retired.

Report: We arrived in Istanbul, and set up the safe house and made plans to apprehend Jack Valentine. Intel suggested he frequented a particular cafe almost daily, so we set up surveillance from an apartment across the street. Sparks hacked in the local traffic cameras and was able to identify Valentine at the cafe, and we moved in to apprehend. Valentine spotted us and fled, but we pursued and quickly caught and subdued him. Valentine admitted to facilitating an arms deal between him and Akbar Al’Amien Suswari for several Stinger missiles. The exchange was this evening at his compound, located on the outskirts of town. Under a ruse, we convinced him that we’d let him go, if his assistance led to the capture of Suswari. Sparks and I accompanied Valentine to his compound while Hayseed and Diablo went to the safe house and returned our gear.
     As expected, several vehicles entered the grounds, and its occupants proceeded inside. Instead of Suswari and his guards that we expected, Russian Spetnaz soldiers instead quickly killed Valentine for his double crossing and tried to leave the compound. We destroyed one of the vehicles, and pursued the second, eventually crashing it along the road, killing the passengers. A partially destroyed laptop was discovered and Sparks was able to extract some data from it, the name of a cargo ship, the Istanbul Voyager and the details of an nuclear device smuggled out of Kazakhstan that seemed to be the real reason of the arms deal. We made it to the harbor to secure the device, but the vessel had already left port. Seeing the escalation of the events go beyond the scope of our mission, we called JSOC for a sitrep and mission advisement.
      Reaper One, Nightstalkers out of Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo, were prepped to pick us up and deliver us to the cargo ship, where we would board, search and seize the ship, and deactivate the device, while Eagle One ran reconnaissance shortly before our arrival and identified several control points with high thermal identification. Under cover of darkness, we fast roped in and quickly took the pilot house, only to discover that the controls had been sabotaged, leaving us no means to alter the course of the ship. The crew of the ship, were found executed as we proceeded on. Moving across the deck, we eliminated several groups of Shahada loyalists and made it to the superstructure. There we met with much resistance from more Shahada loyalists and an unknown sniper and spotter on the roof of the structure. We called in close air support, Reaper One, who moved in and targeted several of the loyalists before the pilot was shot by the sniper, resulting in the destruction of Reaper One, and the deaths of the CW3 Ferro and Sgt Spunkmeyer.
     Entering the superstructure, we made it below deck and encountered several Speztnaz soldiers guarding the holds. Entry into the third hold was complicated as as squad of Spetznaz had entrenched themselves inside. Quick reactions from Diablo averted an ambush and allowed us the opportunity to gain entrance. Through the course of the battle, Hayseed took shrapnel to the eyes, but an IED from Diablo eliminated the remaining opposition. We found the nuclear device, and I assisted Diablo in disabling it and destroying its firing core. We exited the superstructure to rendezvous with Reaper 2 for extraction. Again, the sniper tried to eliminate the pilot, but Shiny Side’s awareness of his presence mitigated his ambush. Clearing the vessel, I authorized the scuttling Istanbul Voyager and Eagle One terminated the ship.

Considerations: Akbar Al’Amien Suswari was not present for the arms deal as Jack Valentine believed he would be and his whereabouts are unknown. Additionally, it is unclear as to the nature of the Spetnaz soldiers who were defending the cargo below decks on the Istanbul Voyager as they do not share the same fanatical beliefs as the Shahada loyalists. What was their reason for being aboard the vessel that was being sent to Tel Aviv to seemingly spark a religious war?

Recommendations: Based on the actions of Diablo during the course of the operation, I recommend he be recognized for his actions and be awarded the Silver Star. Additionally, Nightstalker operatives Colin Ferro and Daniel Spunkmeyer are recommend to be posthumously awarded the Bronze Star for their selfless actions. Finally, Hayseed should be awarded a Purple Heart for the injuries sustained in the operation.

Operation: Sandbox

Primary Mission: Extract the American ambassador and his family from the Amman Embassy.
Secondary Mission(s): Recover or destroy any sensitive data at the embassy.
Mission Status: Success
Personnel: Reaper, Hayseed, Twitch, Diablo, Shiny Side

Details: At 2140 hours, local time, Islamic militants blocked the surrounding streets leading to the American Embassy in Amman, Jordan with gun trucks bearing the logo of the known terrorist organization Al Shahada. Approximately 125 to 150 gunmen armed with automatic weapons, rpg’s, and body armor, have gathered and are threatening to overwhelm the American security forces. GH.O.S.T. Squad is tasked with infiltrating the compound and extracting the American Ambassador Grant Schaeffer, his family, and to recover or destroy any sensitive data at the embassy.

Report: G.H.O.S.T. Squad infiltrated the rooftop of the embassy via fast rope at 2300 hours under heavy small arms fire, causing Shiny Side to pull out of the area temporarily. We made are way down the embassy encountering sporadic enemy fire, but quickly eliminated the threats and arrived at the ambassador’s office to find a lone Marine, Lance Corporal Dawson holding the hallway against multiple insurgents. We joined the fight and Hayseed and Dawson laid down suppressive fire while the rest of the team secured the package.
     The militants outside made the LZ too hot for exfil, so I ordered Twitch and Diablo to scout a way out of the compound and I assisted the package with acquiring any mission critical data. Twitch and Diablo found an access tunnel that would lead underneath the compound and out into the streets of Amman. Complications ensued when Ambassador Schaeffer insisted that we extract not only him and his family, but his personal staff as well. I reluctantly agreed although I knew this would seriously slow down our transit.
     We made our way through the tunnel and into the city and found that although there was chaos and looting abound, our pathway was relatively clear, though we did have to snake our way through the city to avoid Al Shahada patrols. After a couple of hours we found a bank that we could hole up in and rest. We contacted Shiny Side and requested exfil via helicopter through the rooftop of the bank, but he stated it would be a couple of hours for him to refuel and return. We had Lance Corporal Dawson take the civilians to the rooftop while we prepared security measures in the lobby. We positioned Hayseed and his squad automatic weapon along with Diablo behind the main counter granting the greatest field of fire, Twitch was on the fourth floor providing sniper cover, and I would hold the stairway, protecting our escape route. For good measure, Diablo prepped the lobby with a couple of claymores.
     When the terrorists finally found us, they came at us in force. A firefight ensued and we held our own until they started firing the rpg’s into the bank. We had all taken wounds when Diablo was incapacitated by another rpg blast, but Hayseed stopped the bleeding, and carried him to the stairway. I provided covering fire for a couple of seconds more before blowing the claymores and retreating to the rooftop. The explosives delayed the insurgents just long enough for us to make it to the roof, load the civilians onto the Blackhawk and evacuate the hot zone.

Recommendations: Based on the actions of Hayseed during the firefight, I recommend that he be awarded the Bronze Star.

Operation: Turncoat

Primary Mission: Expose potential mole, CIA agent Peter Dawson.
Secondary Mission(s): Apprehend or eliminate mole.
Mission Status: Successful
Personnel: Checkmate, Shiny Side, Boyscout & Twitch
Report Author: Colonel McKnight

Details: Information gathered from Operation: Interception has led to the suspicion that, CIA Agent Peter Dawson is working with the Chinese and/or Russians to undermine the sanctity of the Nation’s security. Operation: Firefly Tasks G.H.O.S.T. Squad with protecting asset Sun Yun Ming, a certain target of opportunity for the mole.

Aftermath: Although, Operation: Firefly was a failure as the G.H.O.S.T. Squad were unable to successfully protect Sun Yun Ming, CIA Agent Peter Dawson was exposed as a mole and has been terminated. Questions concerning Operative: Checkmate’s loyalty to Agent Dawson have been addressed.

Recommendations: It is recommended that Operative: Checkmate continue to function as Captain in mission command of the G.H.O.S.T. Squad.

Operation: Firefly

Primary Mission: Protect asset Sun Yun Ming until his UN hearing in two weeks.
Secondary Mission(s): None
Mission Status: Failure
Personnel: Checkmate, Shiny Side, Boyscout & Twitch
Report Author: Checkmate

Details: Intelligence gained from Operation: Interception led to the apprehension of Sun Yun Ming, a Chinese citizen who created the program that could potentially attack US government and defense networks. We are tasked to ensure his protection until his hearing at the United Nations in two weeks. After such time, he was to give evidence incriminating the Chinese government’s willing involvement in potential terror attacks against the US. Sun’s survival is imperative.

Report: Under the guise of the Secret Service, Operators Boyscout, Shiny Side, Twitch and I went to an undisclosed secure facility to relieve the CIA from their protection detail on Sun Yun Ming. My former handler, CIA agent Peter Dawson was on hand, representing the CIA. Once we we assumed operational control, he departed. We had agreed that we were not going to follow the CIA’s time table. Instead of waiting here for the next ten days, and then escorting the asset to New York to another safe house, we would instead only stay here 5 days, then transport Sun via alternate routes and end up and a different safe house, one not known to anyone through any official channels. Ideally, if the CIA’s involvement was somehow compromised, our mission plans would not be known.
     Four days in, Shiny Side and I were alerted by the facilities alarm, I sent Shiny to protect the asset, while I moved to the control room. When I arrived, Twitch was engaged in combat with a black garbed assassin. I assisted, in the ensuing battle, the assassin overpowered both myself and Shiny. I was rendered unconscious in the battle, only to be awoken by Shiny. He had eliminated the threat as he moved to the asset. Unfortunately, Boyscout has been killed in an earlier ambush by the assassin. Being a man down, we moved the asset from the now insecure site. It was a risk, both Twitch and myself had sustained significant injuries, but I felt that that this facility was no longer safe. Besides us, the only other group aware of it, was the CIA. I called Caitlin MacBride, who was once an assistant to Peter Dawson. I asked her to find out where agent Dawson worked after the termination of The Misfits Program. She said she’d find out and get back to me.
     En route to New York, Shiny Side noticed two SUV’s following us for the last 10 minutes. We tried to lose them, but the passengers (assumably Russian) of the SUVs instead fired at us with AK-74 assault rifles. Unable to lose them, and with the threat of these men now attacking us in public, we had no choice but to return fire. Shiny Side maintained control of the vehicle while Twitch and I engaged them. Shiny Side managed to eliminate both drivers, causing one to crash and the other one to spin out of control. That opportunity allowed us to take an exit in Baltimore and hide our vehicle. I tried to contact the local authorities to requisition another vehicle, but I lacked the proper authentication codes that the Secret Service had. Instead we opted to appropriate an unused vehicle from a parking garage and continue on mission.
     We secured the new safe house and decided to lie low until we were to deliver the asset to the UN. Several days later, Caitlin called back and said that Agent Dawson had spent several years stationed in both China and Chechnya. The assassin at the facility was Chinese, and the men in the SUVs seemed Russian, both places Dawson had been stationed at previously. My experiences of agent Dawson based on Operation: Misfits shows his willingness to work outside conventional means and employ the use of criminals in order to achieve his goal. All of this was speculation, and we had a mission. If Dawson was guilty, we would take him down for Boyscout, but not until the asset had been delivered. That was enough of a threat itself. Being that they missed Sun twice now, we felt for certain, that they’d have to make one more attempt, that as the UN itself. There were ample positions for snipers to have clear shots as we took him to the UN. While trying to work out how we’d be able to securely get him inside, Caitlin called me back. She said that she discovered her line was bugged, and that our location could be compromised. We immediately moved the asset to the transportation, but was blocked in the garage by a Crown Victoria that pulled in behind us. With hand outstretched surrender, Peter Dawson emerged and claimed that he was set up as the the fall guy in the attacks against Sun. We moved inside to hear agent Dawson out. Agent Dawson claimed that he was being set up and that the clues I found were to obvious to be plausible. He has been my handler for several years in the CIA, and has been loyal to the me and the US, so I trusted him. That turned out to be a mistake, he took advantage of my trust in him and turned on me, firing point blank. Due to the armor, the shots were not fatal, but rendered me incapacitated. I could hear Twitch and Shiny Side on the comm asking for an update, but I was unable to respond. Then agent Dawson and fired on Sun, before getting up and moving through the kitchen door and into the garage.
     Immediately upon exiting the house, I heard the reports of automatic fire from a sub-machine gun, as Shiny Side reported that he was engaging agent Dawson and had him pinned in the garage. Twitch entered the kitchen, made sure I was alive, and confirmed that Sunwas killed. He then saw Dawson fleeing toward the Crown Victoria after wounding Shiny Side. He opened fire from the kitchen window, dropping Dawson. I was helped up and moved to where Dawson lie. He was terminally wounded, but coherent enough to look at me and tell me that he had to make his play. Under operational authority, I executed Peter Dawson and we left the scene.
     I reported that our mission was a failure and that we were returning back to base. I updated what has happened concerning Sunand Dawson. Once out of the infirmary, we met up with Colonel McKnight and he told us the true nature of the operation. It turns out that they were suspect of Dawson, due to intelligence gained from [[Operation: Interception | Operation: Interception]], and that our operation would ideally force the mole to expose himself. Even though we failed at protecting the asset, the exposure and elimination of the mole meant that [[Operation: Turncoat | Operation: Turncoat]] was successful.

Operation: Interception

Primary Mission: Eliminate arms dealer, Yuri Orlov and retrieve sensitive data before it is sold to Iran.
Secondary Mission(s): None
Mission Status: Successful
Personnel: Checkmate, Boyscout & Twitch
Report Author: Checkmate

Details: Intelligence suggests that Yuri Orlov, a Russian arms dealer is in possession of sensitive data that could be used for a cyber-attack against US government computer systems. Plans are to sell data to Akbar Al’Amein Suswari, a former officer in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, six days hence in Schwerin, Germany. Elimination of Yuri and retrieval of data essential for mission success.

Report: Expecting heavy security for both Yuri and Akbar, I contacted Olaf Kreuger, an informant I knew from the experience in the CIA. He reluctantly said he’d be able to procure a cache of firearms, explosives and body armor for any assault we would need to make. While posing as executives for Prosian Automotive Technologies we entered Schwerin. Being a manufacturing city, we were able to move about the city uncontested under our guise. We investigated the suspected location of the exchange, a munitions factory unused since the end of WWII. There were over a dozen warehouse as well as the factory itself, so we were unable to determine where exactly the exchange was to take place. Additionally, we were unable to get information from the airport to help us determine when interested parties may arrive. Twitch was sent to recon the warehouses to see if either party showed up early, while Boyscout and I took to the local scene, to see if we could discover if Yuri or Akbar were yet in town. While our attempt was unsuccessful, Twitch witnessed 4 BMW’s enter the grounds and case the area. He was unable to follow them once they left the yard.
     Seeing no alternative, we called Jack Valentine, the right-hand man to Yuri. Jack has recently flipped to our side and had been integral in the information that had already put us here. He confirmed that the meeting was to be a 18:00 in the 7th warehouse. We relayed to him that were were intervening the meeting, and that it would be helpful for his survival if he passed the blame of our ambush on the Iranians. He reluctantly agreed to cooperate but he had to terminate the call before he was caught. With that intel, we prepped the first floor for an ambush. We planted much explosives hoping to catch the parties unaware. Twitch was tasked to eliminate Yuri as his priority, while Boyscout and I eliminated their guards in the killzone.
     At 18:00 both parties arrived and moved into the ambush site. The Russian squad protecting Yuri acted as ones with extensive training, likely Spetsnaz based on their combat BDUs. The Iranians wore sanitized uniforms, but looked like the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, as we suspected. Boyscout was spotted by Yuri, but not before the explosives were detonated. Yuri was dropped by Twitch, while Boyscout and I attacked the guards. Many of their soldiers were killed in the initial confusion. Jack played his role by blaming the ambush on the Iranians. Several of the Russians then opened fire at the remaining Iranians. Both Jack and Akbar took advantage of the chaos and escaped as the remaining soldiers began to fire upon us. I was wounded in the ensuing firefight, but not incapacitated. Within 30 seconds both target teams were down. Confirmation of Yuri’s death was accomplished as well as retrieval of the data. We called in a CaseEvac and was picked up at the backup extraction site.

Recommendations: Boyscout’s initiative successfully directed Twitch and his support fire to allow me to recover when I was wounded. His tactical action not only eliminated several of the Spetsnaz soldiers, but potentially saved the life of his commanding officer. Therefore, I recommend he be promoted to Sergeant First Class immediately.

Operation: Fallen Star
Jungle Mission

Primary Mission: Retrieve the fallen spy satellite North Star from the Amazon jungles before it falls into the hands of notorious F.A.R.C. Leader Domingo Hernandez.
Secondary Mission(s): Eliminate target of opportunity Domingo Hernandez.
Mission Status: Successful
Personnel: Checkmate, Boyscout, Twitch, Hayseed, Diablo, Sparks
Report Author: Checkmate

Details: A top secret reconnaissance satellite had a critical failure in orbit nearly 2 hours ago and has crashed into the Amazon Jungle. The satellite contains potentially damaging information to the United States and it operatives and allies around the globe. To complicate matters, the territory in which the satellite crashed is controlled by a cell of The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and led by Domingo Hernandez known as Don Caliente. Caliente is a known weapons and drug trafficker and is considered a target of opportunity. G.H.O.S.T. Squad will HALO into the LZ, locate and recover the satellite’s data recorder and if possible retire Domingo Hernandez.

Report: We HALO jumped out of the C-130 in the evening as planned, with only Boyscout sustaining minor injuries during the insertion. We were unable to reach command, as an ECM broadcast jammer was blocking communication in the area, so we humped through the jungle towards the last know location of the satellite throughout the day and into the next evening. As the day went on, I felt I was unprepared physically and mentally for the excursion, and became concerned that may ability to lead may become impaired. It would appear that my time out of active field duty may have played a factor in this.
     On the next day, at 1130 hours, we reached the crash site. The intel was correct, we could see the downed satellite in a nearby valley. Local guerrillas were already on site, being converged around the satellite. Twitch & Sparks set up sniper cover on the hillside, while Boyscout, Diablo flanked the valley opposite Hayseed and myself. We quickly eliminated the opposition, but were surprised by a second patrol that had come up behind the sniper team. Having dispatched them, we reconed the area, discovering that the data recorder had already been removed, and found the distinct trail of a half-track leaving the area. We followed the half-track to a road which connected to Pueblo Necesito, a small village 6 klicks to the north.
     From the outskirts of the village, we discovered a large concrete bunker atop a hill. Based on the communication dishes on the bunker, Sparks suspected that the ECM jamming was from this location. We set to assault the bunker in three-man teams, breaching both doors simultaneously. Unfortunately, roving guards spotted a team and initiated combat prematurely. After small-arms fire, and applied use of explosives, we eliminated the guerrillas and disabled the jammer. Patching through to command, they provided us the location of a nearby villa owned by Domingo Hernandez. If the half-track stayed on course, it would rendezvous at the villa.
     We arrived at nightfall at the villa, and identified many guards, but could not identify Hernandez or confirm the arrival of the half-track. We infiltrated the compound and silently eliminated several guards en route to Hernandez’s private quarters. Hernandez was not in his quarters, but his personal guards managed to return fire on us, altering the compound to our presence. In the following altercation, Hernandez was eliminated, as was his wife Esmeralda, and most of the guard contingent. Searching his quarters, we secured the data recorder. Our departure of the villa was hindered by the arrival of the half-track, complete with a mounted 50-caliber turret, and several more guerrillas in the courtyard. Under heavy enemy fire, the squad eliminated the remaining guards sustaining many injuries, and appropriated the half-track for our exfil.
     Listening to their communication on the radio, we learned of a larger force in pursuit of us. We proceed through the evening, to make to LZ Alpha on time. We managed to stay ahead of the opposing force, by disabling a bridge and using out remaining explosives to hamper their pursuit. We made it to the extraction point on time, and exited via SH-60 Seahawk to return to the FOB.

Operation: Domino

Primary Mission: Extract the package Elizabeth Chan and return her stateside unharmed.
Secondary Mission(s): Apprehend or retire priority target Omar Al’Aseem
Mission Status: Successful
Personnel: Checkmate, Boyscout, Hayseed, Twitch
Report Author: Checkmate

Details: Elizabeth Chan, daughter of Senator Tomas Chan, was one of a few Americans in a Doctors Without Borders camp that was abducted by Taliban insurgents, believed to be led by Omar Al’Aseem an influential lieutenant in the Al Shahada Terrorist Group. At this moment intelligence, indicates they are being held in the Afghan city of Benzheen. G.H.O.S.T. Squad is tasked with recovering the critical package, Chan, and if possible, capturing or retiring Al’Aseem.

Report: A beta-priority mission developed in Afghanistan, leaving the GHOSTS with a less-than satisfactory team in the field, leading to the temporary enlistment of Francis X MacCormack, a Sergeant from the 10th Mountain division and potential G.H.O.S.T. candidate. Quickly brought up to speed, Sgt MacCormack, assigned to callsign: Hayseed accompanied Boyscout, Twitch and myself via little bird to the the outskirts of Benzheen, where we made it into the city and rendezvoused with Ibrahim Adeib, a local asset who had been keeping tabs on Omar’s movements in the area.
     Ibrahim informed us that Al’Aseem was suspected to be at a nearby apartment complex, on the third floor on the west face. Twitch set up a spotter position on the rooftop of a warehouse opposite , and while able to see silhouetted movement in the area, was unable to clearly identify the Chan or Al’Aseem. Several guards on in the courtyard and parking lot, confirmed out suspicions that Al’Aseem was at the complex. We dispatched the guards on the ground floor and made our way to the apartment under cover by Twitch and assaulted the room via multiple-angle breach entry – Hayseed and myself took point at the door, Boyscout inserted through the external window, having rappelled down from the rooftop under overwatch cover by Twitch.
     Having secured the room, we identified both targets along with two other doctors that had been apprehended along with Chan, and exfiled to the roof for extraction via helo. Boyscout complicated matters when he refused to extract without the remaining doctors, so they were loaded onto the little bird along with the package and secondary target, leaving us to exit by foot, meeting up with Twitch, to make for the secondary rendezvous site. Upon exiting the complex, we were engaged by several insurgents on foot and Technicals armed with Browning 50 caliber machine guns. We did not have the firepower to engage them, so Boyscout and Hayseed laid down covering fire while Twitch and I located and readied suitable transportation. The insurgents pursued after us, but their pursuit was complicated once they ran into civilian traffic, allowing us opportunity to get away. Having sustained injuries we took to a local safe house and made exit under the cover of darkness to the secondary rendezvous, several miles out of Benzeheen later that day
     Arriving back at the FOB, we quickly interrogated Al’Aseem, and convinced him to provide information on the Shahada’s operations in the region. He informed us that the were deploying an iridium-192 laced dirty bomb in the nearby city of Kabul targeting the United States Vice President, who was on a visit to assess progress and reinforce the U.S. commitment to Afghanistan.. We made for Kabul once the location of the nuke was revealed by Al’Aseem. We resupplied and inserted via little bird and fast roped down to a mosque in the middle of the city. With only minutes before the bomb detonated and several dozen insurgents converging upon our position, we set up a defensive perimeter while Boyscout disarmed the explosive device. Once the iridium was rendered inert, we exited through a weak point in the mosque’s exterior wall.

Recommendations: In this operation, the GHOST squad operatives performed remarkably. They were critical in disarming a nuclear device that would have resulted in the deaths of potentially thousands of innocent people, but additionally damaged the Shahada’s influence in the region by capturing Omar Al’Aseem, a influential lieutenant whom stands as a valuable asset for their operations in the area. Notably, Hayseed’s performance in the mission has convinced me that he would be a valuable operator in the G.H.O.S.T. Squad. It has been recommended that he be activated to permanent operational status, beginning immediately. Additionally, Boyscout’s empathy for the safety of the doctors taking precedent over the mission priorities is cause for concern. His actions created unnecessary complications to the mission, and put the entire team at risk. A full psychological reassessment is recommended.


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