18D Special Forces Medical Sergeant


Name: Francis Xavier MacCormack
Codename: Hayseed
Primary Military Specialty: Light and Heavy Machine Guns
Secondary Military Specialty: Medic
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Rank: Sergeant E5

Never one to be overly worried about a shower, Hayseed can occasionally come to a briefing smelling a bit rank. He always has something in his jaw, whether it be a sprig of straw, or a fist full of RedMan. Blonde hair and green eyes, strong jawed, and brickhouse build. Loyal to country, family and God, and not afraid to let ANYONE know so. Disrespecting that has caused more than one ruckus in his tenure.


Born: March 16th, 1976, Tulsa, OK
School: Jenks High School


Raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, MacCormack was born into the third richest oil farms in the U.S. Through years of hard work, the MacCormacks were able to keep the fields running through some of the toughest economic times, including both the Great Depression, as well as today’s current economic debacle. His father, younger brother, and two older sisters still live.

Graduated Jenks High School, June 1996

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Early Service
Military experience also runs in the blood, as five generations have served and fought over seas, including Francis’ own stints in Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanastan. Target practice in the oil fields helped to ease some of the pressure of the economy, and Francis excelled with the higher powered variety artillery. Specializing in the M249 LMG, M60, and the M2 Browning during his military training, he has proven beyond proficient with these weapons.


Hayseed ribbons

Army Commendation Medal (awarded June, 2006)
Army Good Conduct Medal (awarded September, 2003)
Kosovo Campaign Medal (awarded June, 2002)
Afghanistan Campaign Medal (awarded June, 2006)
Iraq Campaign Medal (awarded June, 2005)
NCO Professional Development Ribbon (awarded February, 2003)
Nato Service Ribbon (awarded June, 2002)
Army Service Ribbon (awarded September, 1999)
Overseas Service Ribbon (awarded June, 2000)

From conversations with commanding officers:
Hayseed is a “Bundle of Joy ready to eradicate the world”. He seems to have a mild manner, but is known to have a bit of a short fuse in regards to the military, his religion, or his family. It was said that during a raid on checkpoint in Kosovo that he perched on the second story, cursing the insurgents, blaming them for the death of his dog Cody, and “rained Hell” on them as they tried to breach the gate. It is also said that MacCormack was sent by God himself as an Angel of Death, something that Francis does not like to talk about.


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