GI Joe Setting Rules

In addition to the normal Savage Worlds rules, G.I. Joe also uses the following rules, designed to capture the feel of men and women of action, facing the forces of Cobra around the globe.

Hostile Environments

Arctic: While in the Arctic, characters must check against Cold as per the Savage Worlds rulebook. Furthermore, unless the character is wearing protective eye gear, the constant glare from sunlight against stark-white snow and ice causes a –2 penalty to all skill rolls involving eye-sight (Fighting, Shooting, Throwing, Driving, Notice, et cetera).

A character’s Pace is also reduced by 2.

Desert: While in the desert, a character must check for Heat as per the Savage Worlds rulebook. Due to the shifting sand, a character’s Pace is reduced by 2.

Jungle: While in the jungle, a character must check for Thirst as per the Savage Worlds rulebook. Due to the thick vegetation and undergrowth in the environment, all Notice rolls suffer a –2 penalty and all Stealth rolls receive a +2 bonus.

Low Gravity and Zero-G: While in space or Low Gravity situations, a character’s Pace is reduced by 2, unless leaping in low gravity, which doubles their jumping distance. Unless trained in Low Gravity or Zero-G combat, all attack rolls are at –2.

Underwater: Characters swim at a speed equal to half their Swimming die (so a character with Swimming d6 swims at a Pace of 3). Unless trained in aquatic combat, all attack rolls are at –2.


Some soldiers are regularly traveling through areas that have hazardous breathing environments, such as a smoke-filled jungle or a sleep gas-filled room. Such adventures lead to a new hazard in Savage Worlds: Suffocation. Suffocation is a rule derived, in large part, from the Drowning rule found in the Savage Worlds rulebook (with some obvious modifications). First, a character can hold his breath for a number of rounds equal to 5x his Vigor die in seconds (meaning, a character with a Vigor d12 could hold his breath for 60 seconds (10 rounds)). The character can continue to hold his breath after this point by making a Vigor roll each round at a cumulative –1 penalty. Failure indicates the character gains a level of Fatigue. Once the character is Incapacitated, he dies in a number of rounds equal to his Vigor die. Should the character die from suffocation, he can be revived within 5 minutes of death by a successful Healing roll at –4. The character revives with 2 Fatigue levels and recovers one Fatigue level every 5 minutes.

Human Shield

A character may attempt to act as a Human Shield to place himself in the way of an attack against an adjacent character, in effect acting out of initiative turn. Doing so incurs a normal multiple action penalty for all other actions that round on the character’s turn. If the character has already acted, apply the multiple action penalty to this maneuver.

The character makes an opposed Agility roll versus the opponent’s attack roll. On a success, the Human Shield takes half the damage from the attack (round up) and the adjacent character takes the remaining damage from the attack (for example, on a damage value of 17, the Human Shield would take 9 points and the original target would take the remaining 8.) On a raise, the Human Shield takes all of the damage.

GI Joe Setting Rules

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