Communications Sergeant

     The communications sergeant is the G.H.O.S.T.s link to the rest of the world. He is an expert in sending and receiving critical communications to the G.H.O.S.T.s command and control elements. Communications sergeants are familiar with cryptographic systems, burst outstation systems, antenna theory and radio wave propagation and common radios found throughout the Army. Communications sergeants install, operate and maintain FM, AM, HF, VHR, UHF and SHF communications in voice and burst radio networks. They advise the detachment commander on all communications matters.

In Game Terms:
     The communications sergeant will make certain connectivity to JSOC is maintained by requisitioning appropriate communications gear, signal intelligence equipment and any other gear necessary to ensure the digital/analog integrity of the mission. The communications sergeant may also be responsible for carrying out any Psychological Operations (PSYOP) related to broadcasting.

  • Starting Rank: E5
  • Bonus Resource Points: 5
  • Bonus Professional Edge: Comms Specialist
  • Requisites: Smarts d6+, Knowledge (Computers) d6+
  • Recommended Perks:

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Communications Sergeant

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