Engineer Sergeant

     The engineer sergeant is highly skilled in the planning and constructing of buildings and bridges, as well as in their demolition. His knowledge of construction techniques includes expertise in creating buildings and field fortifications, and the engineer sergeant is also skilled in all areas of demolitions, including land mine warfare and constructing and using improvised munitions. Engineer sergeants plan, supervise and perform all aspects of combat engineering and light construction.

In Game Terms:
     The Engineer Sergeant plans the logistics of the mission, serves as a navigator and assesses the mission from a structural standpoint including breaching fortifications, managing barriers (natural or otherwise), obstructions, and identifying defensible positions for the team in the field. This character is responsible for requisitioning the necessary demolitions equipment and locating, creating or maintaining locations integral to the safety of the team including safe houses.

  • Starting Rank: E5
  • Bonus Resource Points: 5
  • Bonus Professional Edge: Demolitions Specialist
  • Requisites: Knowledge (Demolitons) d6+, Repair d6+
  • Recommended Perks: Safe House

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Engineer Sergeant

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