Medical Sergeant

     The medical sergeant is well versed in many different areas of human and animal physiology. He is a specialist in trauma management, infectious diseases, cardiac life support and surgical procedures. He can also perform basic veterinarian medicine. Medical sergeants provide emergency, routine, and long-term medical care for their teams and associated allied members and host nation personnel. They train, advise, and direct the detachment’s routine, emergency and preventive medical care. They can also establish field medical facilities to support detachment operations.

In Game Terms:
     This character is responsible for analyzing the mental and physical health of all personnel involved in the operation and advises the detachment commander on the combat readiness of the group. The medical sergeant will ensure the team has requisitioned appropriate gear for the hazards of the mission including NBC suits, gas masks, medical supplies, and water.

  • Starting Rank: E5
  • Bonus Resource Points: 5
  • Bonus Professional Edge: Medic!
  • Requisites: Smarts d8+, Healing d6+
  • Recommended Perks:

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Medical Sergeant

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