Weapons Sergeant

     The weapons sergeant is an expert in the employment of U.S. and foreign weapons systems, including small arms, mortars, air defense systems and antitank weapons found throughout the world. The weapons sergeant also employs conventional and unconventional tactics and techniques as a tactical mission leader, and assists the detachment operations sergeant in the preparation of training and operational plans.

In Game Terms:
     The weapons sergeant is responsible for determining the threat level of the opposing force and must ensure the team has enough firepower to properly complete the mission objectives. In addition this character assesses the mission complexity from a tactical standpoint and as such is responsible for requisitioning any necessary heavy weapons.

  • Starting Rank: E5
  • Bonus Resource Points: 5
  • Bonus Professional Edge: Infantry Specialist
  • Requisites: Strength d6+, Vigor d8+
  • Recommended Perks:

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Weapons Sergeant

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